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CPI – Collective Protection Inc.:

The CPI medical line was founded to stop and prevent pandemics and to control the spread of infection. We manufacture Rapid Setup Negative Pressure Isolation Chambers (IsoArk) – a complete solution for turning any room or space into a biologically contained area, allowing for the isolation of infected or contaminated people.

CPI medical line is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical negative and positive pressure isolation systems. We hold number of patents that allow us to offer our clients a flexible array of filtration and ventilation solutions.

We specialize in designing and adapting systems for all types of climates and environments. Our systems have been implemented in clean rooms, critical infrastructures, shelters, protected rooms, tents and other indoor applications.

We provide the complete range of services for our systems: planning, designing, consultancy, installation, maintenance, testing, commissioning, repairs, upgrading, and retrofitting etc.

We design and manufacture all parts of the system in-house and therefore customers can rely on one professional source for the whole range of activities. With huge expertise in each of the services, we have the flexibility to create the products to exactly fit the customers' needs since we have all the technologies and testing facilities in-house. Customization is always welcome.

Our current clientele consists of civilian authorities, hospitals, and armies, in more than 40 countries worldwide.


Our goal is to achieve the highest quality and reliability of our products. We strive to achieve this goal through maintaining a comprehensive quality control system that follows the guidelines of ISO 9001.

Our quality policy is made known, understood, and communicated, to all our employees because we feel that trained and qualified employees are the basis for successful operations and innovations.

CPI concentrates on quality assurance in the production processes and all our operations. Carefully selected materials combined with the engineering and workmanship, guarantee excellent performance, long life time and long standing quality. The products are designed, manufactured, and tested, in accordance with the established international standards.

Research & Development

In order to grow continuously with customers' demand, our R&D department is always up to the latest standard of technological advancement.

An important aim of our research and developmental work is to meet the requirement of obtaining economical products with optimal prices and also the reduction of capital expenditure and operation costs for our components.


Close cooperation between customers, sales, and the R&D department makes it easy to design, develop and produce the specified request in a short time and to customer's fullest satisfaction.

With our experience, we will assist you in choosing an isolation system that best suits your needs. We will support you during the entire process, from the design , according to your requirements, to successfully supplying the system for you.

We are sure that our experts will find the right solution for your application.

IsoArk is a portable negative pressure isolation chamber, designed for patient treatments and is used in hospitals, airports or field hospitals.

IsoArk is a complete solution for turning any room or space into a biologically contained area, allowing for the isolation of infected or contaminated people. The IsoArk system meets all today’s standards for airborne infection isolation, including the CDC guidelines for healthcare infection control.

The airlock, attached to the main chamber, provides the capability to move easily in and out of IsoArk without losing the negative pressure or contaminating the outside environment.

The integrated Filtration System combines a high efficient HEPA-filter and a UV-radiation source to enable the best available biological protection against contamination threats.


For SARS, tuberculosis, malaria and similar infectious diseases
For any unknown possibly infectious diseases

Advantages for Hospital Use: 

- Costs less than a quarter of a permanent isolation room
- Fast to set up
- Modular structure
- Operation window for gloves or equipment to be use from outside

(Last Updated: June 18, 2018)


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