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IsoArk – Portable Isolation Chamber

IsoArk – Portable Isolation Chamber

IsoArk is designed for rapid setup of a biologically isolated space from a clean outside environment. The IsoArk is a complete solution for turning any room or space into a biologically contained area, allowing for the isolation of infected or contaminated people and matter. The entire system meets today’s standards for airborne infection isolation, including CDC guidelines for healthcare infection control.

The integrated Filtration System FA 2000 HSZ combines a high efficient HEPA-filter and a UV-radiation source which enables IsoArk to give the best available biological protection against contamination threats. The system draws contaminated air from within the chamber through a prefilter followed by a HEPA-filter and discharges the purified air into the outside environment. A UV-radiation source contained within the filters kills the microorganism trapped inside, which prevents the accumulation of living micro-organisms in the system.


  • The main chamber
  • Filtration system (FA 2000 HSZ)
  • Airlock with double doors
  • Pressure monitor unit
  • Waste disposal (optional)


  • Cost effective
  • Airflow rate in 3 stages: 1,000 / 1,400 / 2,200 m 3/h
  • Negative pressure: -12 / -26 / -60 Pa
  • Simple and fast assembly with no tools required
  • Different sizes are available
  • Filter efficiency 99.995% (99.99995% optional)
  • Activated carbon filter (optional)
  • Cable and hose sleeves enable to place equipment outside the tent
  • No floor for easy wheel-in and wheel-out
  • Negative pressure indicator with alarm system
  • Internal supporting structure for utility racks (optional)

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